Vandalism Prevention for Property Concerns by Contractors Solutions Inc.
Vandalism Prevention: vandal-proofing your property with, guards, cages, graffiti-proof coatings and specialized fabrications to meet the challenge.
Vandal-Proofing Workshop

We'll visit the property, offer a variety on ideas and costs. Just ...
The Workshop for Vandal Resistant Solutions by Anthony Tori - Havertown PA.
Repair It, Recondition It, Vandal Proof It, Safety Proof It, Reinvent It, Improve It, Rebuild It, You Name It!
Equipment made like new, or made better than new.
Specialized made shop work. Customized parts made.
Security Hardware, Anti Theft Nuts & Bolts and Tamper Proof Security Bolts. We can make it better than new. Washers Carriage Bolt Adapters and Vandal-proofing Systems created for every property concern. Security Windows Is there such a thing as a security window? Windows are common points of entry, simply because they offer the least resistance to intruders. In the case of blasts and impacts, glass shatters fairly easily immediately offering entry or making your home a safety hazard. Security windows can be fitted with laminated glass or types of glass designed to withstand high impacts whether from weapons and intruders or from natural or manmade disasters. Door Locks Donít overlook the resistance provided even by a vandal-proof high quality door lock. Doors can be retrofitted with security designed locks and mechanisms or should be included with security doors. Keyless door locks provide heightened security and eliminate keys that can get lost or stolen. Many automatically lock behind you.
Valued Items Recycled, New Parts, New Finishes and New Ideas for improvements.
It's because we make parts.

Ask us about:
Security Guards and Vandal-Proof Fastening Techniques.
Biometric or Fingerprint Locks.
Identification Eye Scanning Mechanisms.
Video Door Phones
Building Complex Multi-Station Intercom and Video System.
High Risk Safety Specifications.
Able to repair what the vandals have done, Philadelphia.
Damage Mending of all types by Contractors Solutions Inc.
Vandal Resistant Guards and Fabrication Services.
Repair-All Services Delaware County, PA
Workshop Repair Services at Your Service Today.
Welding Design and Fabrication.

 Since we provide specialty security fasteners, you'll find that it doesn't cost much to keep your problems where they belong, compared to the cost of having them missing. You can often cut the cost of securing your signs by using just one security nut per sign post, which prevents removing the reachable fastening. The only problem we have now is vandalism or theft of signs and post together."  Commission Breakaway Nuts are used when the 1" square base of the is too broad to fit the fastening surface. They are available in zinc, aluminum, or steel, and can be installed with regular tools, including socket wrenches. Tri-groove Nuts are used when the nuts need to be fastened AND removed from the top. They are installed with a special wrench that also removes the nut for maintenance.

We make the hard to find parts. We can Make It: electrical enclosures, housings, weatherproof enclosures, ventilation enclosures, optical devices, hidden devices, sensors, surveillance devices, hidden cameras, motion equipment, gears, electronic devices, parts to machinery, telecom devices, special lighting, medical devices, sound equipment, sporting equipment, HVAC equipment, tools and testing equipment of all sorts.

We make improvement parts as per your design.
Making something better and more efficient - Yes, We can Make It!
It's the GREEN thing to do. We are Able to Improve it along with you.

Custom made parts and recycled parts for all areas surrounding: Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA. Call the Reconditioning Workshop for everything electrical:
panel covers, trough covers, switch gear covers, transformer covers, motors, parts, lighting fixture parts and covers, buss duct parts, distribution panel steel, copper, aluminum, power disconnection parts, safety parts, electrical, electrical cabinet parts, welding, enclosures, controls, relays, raceway, brackets, motors, custom made operating systems. Lighting parts, industrial machine parts and circuit breaker parts.
Our electrical apparatus recycling standards fall into two categories: Reconditioning, which includes both Test & Inspection, and Reconditioning procedures; and Test & Inspect Standards, which do not include reconditioning procedures and documentation. Design and Engineering for Plastic, Wood, Medal, Glass, Plexi-glass, Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Cleaning, Striping, Refinishing, Repainting, Reinforcing and Customizing of all types. Items Small or Large. Custom sheet metal fabrication.
Pick-Up and Delivery. Special Electrics and Special Lighting added to any project. Specialized Equipment for Industrial uses.
Good Workmanship at Low Cost.

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