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In addition to the stucco materials used, the application of the stucco plays a crucial role in its long term durability. Ask us about stucco workers and the latest design and application trends. In addition, if the stucco project is part of a remodel or repair, our craftsmen apply their knowledge and skills to ensure a near seamless transition from the old stucco to the new. It takes experienced experts to assess property damages and address the underlying cause of cracking and break-aways from your stucco.
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Stucco, like plaster, brick, and other siding materials can become cracked or damaged over time. Settling soil, foundation problems, exposure to the elements, and other factors take their toll on stucco.

Of all the building materials available, why choose stucco?
Homeowners have many siding materials from which to choose, including stucco. If you’re looking for a clean, durable, affordable, and easy-to-maintain siding material, stucco is it. Among the many benefits of stucco are: Versatility – Stucco comes in many colors, styles, and textures ranging from the basic off-white stucco with a classic sandblasted texture to deep colored stucco with a simulated timber finish. Dozens of finishing options are available for stately and dramatic looks. Add custom trim to further define the home’s style. Durability – Stucco is a durable siding material well suited for the weather hazards. Stucco can withstand high winds, hail storms, and torrential rains. In fact, stucco is the perfect choice for wet climates. The surface of stucco also resists abrasion and doesn’t peel. Low Maintenance – The color of stucco is impregnated into the material, not applied on top of it. This means that your home will look fresh for years to come without the need for repainting. Fire Resistance – Stucco is a fire-resistant siding material. Affordability – Stucco is one of the most affordable siding materials available from the start. And since it will last for decades without the need for repainting, your savings continue. Aesthetics – Stucco is used on homes in all price ranges from starter homes to sprawling mansions. It can blend in as an unobtrusive element of the home or it can be highlighted as a major part of the home’s overall design. Stucco is a versatile, durable, affordable choice for Houston homeowners in all price ranges. With its low maintenance requirements and resistance to fire, your stucco home will hold up well against the elements. Construction, Additions, Renovations, Concrete Work, Carpentry, Roofing, Siding, Patch Work, Windows, Doors, Commercial and Industrial Projects is our Specialty Work!
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