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Improvements for the "Green" property. Information provided by the Workers At Your Service Network Around Philadelphia and by Able Group Inc. New ways to save energy are being explored every day. A new coming-of-age product is "Siding Insulation." This product has many benefits and is very efficient at saving energy and even improving other problems. What are the significant benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding? There are several advantages to install these sidings. Firstly, it lowers your heat and air-conditioning costs by maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. As opposed to your standard vinyl siding, these panels greatly increase the sidings "R-Value*" up to 25% and goes up to R-3.65. This is necessary to resist extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as all weather conditions, such as high winds, great humidity, and hail storms. These sidings are designed to withstand 160 MPH winds and lower moisture absorption. Some of these sidings are manufactured with "Free Floating Foam." Instead of being glued on, the foam is locked to allow expansion, contraction and lets the moisture escape to prevent rotting, mildew growth, and thermal breakdown. A few other advantages are its reduction of exterior noise, its resistance to insects, and its reinforcement for straighter walls that resist impact, warping, cracking, crumbling, or shifting.
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What types of styles / materials are these panels available in?
Some are available in natural wood-grain patterns to appear like real wood. These types of panels are installed over the seams creating a naturally staggered look and a clean finish, while still keeping a natural wood appearance. They also come in unique details and colors, and can even be installed over wood framing. (Foam backing creates a straighter appearance and a more solid feel. Some are available with a 6" and 7" foam backing. This makes the home look more architecturally accurate and make the home appear even bigger due to these wider type panels.) Another available material is cedar wood. It is finished with a low-gloss, select cedar appearance. The rigid foam backing increases R-value up to 22%, as well as providing strength for great impact resistance. This rigid foam is also treated with insect repellent and fire retardant, while containing no ozone-depleting chemicals. Cedar also comes in 12 colors and assortment of trim types - qualified insulation product of ENERGY STARŪ *R-Value is the resistance to heat flow for siding, electric bills, energy saving, utility bills, insulated vinyl siding, insulated walls, insulation, Philadelphia, contractors, residential, commercial and industrial.
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When it comes to sidings for homes, there are many options. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and is popular depending on the weather conditions prevailing in a particular area. The cost is also an influencing factor. Let us look at some of them.  Aluminum and Vinyl Sidings Sidings made out of aluminum or vinyl score over others due to their low maintenance and the fact that they do not necessarily require painting.

The only disadvantage is wear and tear over a period of time with aluminum sidings developing dents and the vinyl ones developing cracks.   Masonite Sidings & Hardy Planks These sidings look similar but have different maintenance requirements. Masonite sidings tend to deteriorate faster and require regular upkeep whereas the Hardy planks by virtue of being made of cement do not rot and is a very good substitute for Masonite.   Brick or Stone Sidings These are excellent alternatives and are superb in terms of their durability. The only hitch is the cost and if you can afford them, they are the best option.    Stucco This type of siding is manufactured out of cement and the greatest advantage it offers is it is moisture proof. Depending on the weather conditions in your city, you can opt for this one. It will however require regular upkeep.   Cedar sidings This is another excellent alternative due to its low maintenance and better looks. Veneer & Artificial sidings These sidings portray the look of other natural

Vinyl Siding - made from a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic. Unlike wood or cedar, it won't rot or flake. Vinyl is usually less expensive to purchase and install than most other siding materials. There are, however, drawbacks. Vinyl can crack, fade, or grow dingy over time. Vinyl is also controversial because of environmental concerns. Aluminum Siding - Aluminum can dent and fade, but it won't crack the way vinyl will. Also, aluminum is fireproof and is not usually considered harmful to your health or the environment.