Restroom Upgrades, Maintenance and Necessary Services
Yes, We Fix: Toilets, Sinks, Lights, Urinals, Flushometer, Tile, Hand dryers, Floors and Walls in your Public Restroom.
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Everything for your Restroom in:
House of Worship.
Community Center.
Theater or Park.
Shopping Complex.
loose tile repairs
renovation work
Plumbing Property Services A. to Z.
Restroom Make Over - Handle It ALL.
Facility Improvements.
Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Repair work and Installing. Custom installations of all kinds.
Restrooms, sinks, toilets, plumbing, cabinets, restroom remodeling, mirrors, bathroom lighting, bathroom outlets, bathroom flooring, faucets, painting, etc.  We are the property improvement experts and we give you the cost break down by email. Informing every property owner has been our priority. 
Handicap Equipment
Security Systems
Hand towels
Sanitary Tissue
Metal Structures
Stainless Steel
Exhaust Fans

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Linoleum Work / Services / Installations
A. to Z.

Vandalism Prevention Fabrication Services for Restrooms.

Restroom Make-overs for Restaurant, Cafe or Diner, Philadelphia.

Public Facility - Restroom Fixtures.

Medical Office Restrooms and Plumbing Installations.

Restroom Upgrades for the House of Worship, Delaware County, PA.

Soap Dispensers
Mop Sink and Ringer

Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Partition Door
Handicap Rails
Floor Drains
Sump Pumps
Partition Walls Licensed Electrical Contractors - Power Supply Circuits, Heavy Circuits and Control Wiring. Quality and precision for new and used equipment, customize and/or replace hard to find parts. ALWAYS. Our wide range of property services include: large facility work crews and small general repairs. Mechanical jobs, pipe work, Mechanical contractors & mechanics, automatics, machinery, pipefitting, sheet metal, piping, repairs, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, designs, industrial plumbing, process pipe, welding services, engineering services, custom fabrications. Pipefitting, sheet metal, piping, threading, ductwork, HVAC. Rooftop Equipment,  Service Upgrade Elect., Sinks / Faucets, Plumbing work of all types and Steel work, Gas and Propane Pipe work.
Floor Drain Cover
Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispensers
Hand Soap, Bar
Restroom Sanitation
Mildew & Mold
Drinking Fountain
Trash Containers. Licensed Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Contractors. Construction Equipment Data, Internet, Ethernet. Building Permits, Roofing Permits. Industrial Hauling. Crane, Scissor Lift, Fork Lift, Pumping and Pulling Equipment. Electric Heater, Electric Service Upgrade and Fiber Optics.
Hand Soap, Liquid
Door Knobs/Handles
Urinal Screens
Eye Wash Stations
Wash Basins
Clogged Drains

 Industrial maintenance services to residential jobs we are quick and reliable. Mechanical contractors for pipefitting, sheet metal, piping, repairs, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, designs, industrial plumbing, process pipe, welding services, installation, engineering services, custom fabrications. mechanical, contractors, pipefitting, sheet metal, piping, threading, ductwork, repairs, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, designs, industrial plumbing, motors, belts, pulley, fan, exhaust fan, air handler, ventilation, water, heat, cooling, roof, compressor, air, air cooled, water cooled Generator - Handicap Ramps and Equipment.

Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia PA and suburbs.

Bowl Brush
Can Liners
Ceramic Tile
Chemical Dispensing System
Custodial Closet
Air Vent Covers  The Trade Workers at Your Service for Everything:   Commercial Safety Equipment, Security Cameras, Standby Power Generators, Steel, Thru-Wall, HVAC, Utility Meter Separations, Ventilation Equipment, Water Heaters, Welding, 3Phase, 2Phase electrical service, Back-Up Power Generators, Cable and Wire, heaters, High voltage work, hydraulic work, refrigerants, solvents, computers, sensors and computer screens. Industrial plant, Commercial complex, Rooftop Equipment, Motor Equipment and Mechanical Equipment. industrial facility, business, handicap facility, restaurant, office complex, fabrication shop, food court, machine shop, shopping center and/or public facility. Motors, belts, pulley, fan, exhaust fan, air handler, Refrigeration services, plumbing, designs, industrial plumbing, ventilation, water, heat, cooling, roof, compressor, air, air cooled, water cooled. handyman service, home improvement, bathroom renovations at economical prices for finished basements, brick pointing, brickwork and building maintenance.  Restroom Services for Air Conditioning, Ventilation Fans, Countertops, Tile, Dividers, Exterior Access Doors, Panic door Hardware, Drywall, Electric Heaters, Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Fire Alarm Horn and Strobe, Water Heaters, Lighting Fixtures and Light Bulbs, Recessed Lighting and Electric Hand Dryers
Paper Towel Dispensers
Abrasive Cleaners

Maintenance services and quick property service calls Welcome!
Large jobs or small job for  handyman service and general repairs.

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