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Flagstone work, repair or reset, re-level and replace. Flagstone for patios and walkways, steps, borders, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and whatever idea or construction project you have. Call us about it first. We give you samples references and alternatives.  If you start with us you will start on level ground. We build to last!

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Flagstone, or flag, is a type of flat stone, usually used for dressing the top of a masonry surface. Flagstone prices vary based on color, thickness, and type. In some cases the starting cost can be $400 for a ton of 1 1/2" thick red flagstone. This will cover about 80 to 90 square feet. The color and type can make a big difference to your project.

Typical colors of flagstone are red, blue, buff, and there are exotic colors, such as chocolate. It also refers to Pennsylvania Bluestone, a stone from northeastern Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York.

Flagstone naturally has a variation in thickness. If possible, in selecting stones we aim for 1 to 2 inches thick. We avoid significant changes in thickness on a single stone as well between stones. Thinner flagstone can be used if your base is highly stable. However, thinner stone will be less durable most of the time. Stone thicker than 2 inches will be very heavy and difficult to handle. If you are picking a pallet of stone for delivery, you should try to choose a pallet with stones of consistent thickness. Avoiding an uneven patio during the installation process is easiest using a level on each stone. Once you have your pattern in place, check for level on the diagonals of the stone. Then check the level from one stone to the next. Based on the areas to be raised and lowered, take patio sand away, add it, or move it from a high spot to a low spot. Leveling each stone as it is placed in its final position is much easier than trying to level the entire patio at once.

Dry-construction (i.e., sans mortar) technique for flagstone patios outlined here has both pros and cons. On the plus side, the building is easy, as is the repair. On the minus side, it is almost certain that it will need to be repaired. Measure before you do anything. If your flagstone patio is to be, say, 10’ x 8’, then stretch out a tape measure to the length of 10 feet on one side of the proposed flagstone patio, and mark this length with a string tied between two stakes. Measure out the 8’ width in the same way, marking both sides with string and stake. After closing the rectangle with the fourth piece of string, check that you have a perfect rectangle. Just measure the 2 diagonals: they should be of equal length. 3.Now it’s time to use a spade, which is essentially a flat shovel meant for chopping straight down through sod into the soil. Plunge the spade down 4” deep all around the perimeter of the rectangle you just plotted out for your flagstone patio. Then switching to a digging shovel, excavate all that sod and soil, down to a depth of 4”. Note that this measurement represents a bare minimum.

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