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Drywall is very important in any construction or remodeling project. Hanging drywall is a process that moves a construction or remodeling project into a completely new phase. After the preparatory stages of planning, framing, and installation of utilities, drywall quickly initiates the transformation from job site to living space. If you're installing panels on a ceiling, seriously consider renting a drywall lift or at least building some deadman supports. Manually hoisting panels can be very exhausting and can take away your enthusiasm right from the start. Recruit at least one helper, and thoroughly discuss the lifting, holding, and fastening processes before you touch your first sheet of drywall. Having different strategies while holding drywall over your head is a bad idea. For a quality long-lasting project, it is crucial to choose the right fasteners and adhesive for your project. Fortunately, it's an easy project. If you choose nails, make sure that you get the ringshank variety for maximum holding power. If you choose screws, make sure that you select the right thread pattern: drive coarse type W threads into wood framing, fine type S threads into steel studs and resilient channels, and extra-coarse type G threads for gypsum-to-gypsum wallboard laminations.

Driving Fasteners
          Experienced drywallers can drive fasteners along the length of a stud or joist and rarely miss. But most of us need the benefit of guidelines lightly penciled or a drywall square. You can also mark with a chalk line if you do a preliminary snap on the floor to remove most of the chalk. After that, you can snap several lines that are lightly visible but still easy to wipe away with a rag. Carefully plan your drywall installation sequence, and you'll install the panels quickly and efficiently. A few special tools and some new products make this job progress more quickly and with less effort than in the past.

           Dings and dents are inevitable - and repairable. Simple fixes can renew drywall surfaces. Drywall techniques also serve to repair damage to plaster walls. The first step is to remove loose pieces of plaster. Sometimes the results will be even better than new because you'll correct problems in a way that makes sure you won't have to repeat the repair later. Repairing a textured ceiling is an interesting dilemma. If the process works well, it can be a quick one-step repair. But if that first step doesn't pan out, the second becomes a bigger problem, which can then lead to an even larger third step. The repair is like running down a staircase - missing the first step has serious consequences. The successful repair involves restraint, because spraying too much texture can look more obvious than not quite enough. Removing the texture from an entire ceiling gives a room a different look. This procedure is a bit messy, but not tedious. The new smooth ceiling is easy to paint and simple to repair.
         The plaster walls and ceilings in many older homes can be a mixed blessing. Although a plaster surface is durable, it is subject to cracking and can come loose from the lath and/or the framing. In some cases you can reattach the plaster and blend the repaired area into the original surface. The step-by-step process saves you the time and expense of replacing the entire wall or ceiling. Before you paint a room, you should check thoroughly for nail pops. Fixing them is an easy task, and it will improve the appearance of the walls. Inserting a wall patch is a basic skill you should master. Holes most often are the result of accidental damage, although you sometimes need to cut holes during remodeling projects to pull new wiring or to install other utilities.

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