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General trade workers and laborers for construction work.  Just Contact Us about anything involving construction, building and renovating.  Price information is no problem.  
Small, and
in between.
Construction Work.  Trade Hands Labor,  Hard workers with tools and trucks. 

Digging and trenching work, demolition and filling the jobsite dumpster.  Building Restoration and exterior maintenance work. Scaffolding set up,  wheel barreling,  mixing the cement. We have Mechanics as well as general laborers, workers
and helpers.

Ready for WORK at the most reasonable cost.

All types of real estate maintenance for every type of concern.

We are experienced in every type of repair or replacement with quick service and honest pricing.  We have a host of experienced contractors in our network.  Committed to low cost and a good name for repeat business.  We will never let you down.

Construction Trade Hands Labor, Hard workers with tools and trucks. Digging and trenching work, filling the jobsite dumpster. etc.

Online Information for: These are some of the services and installations you can rely on with one phone call to our office.  Items from small to large such as;  from handyman fix-it to surveying and engineering a building lot or property line.  Mechanicals such as A/C Central Air Conditioning, Air conditioning special parts, A/C HVAC Supplies, A/C thru-wall, Acoustical Ceilings, Additions, Alarm Systems, Appliance Purchases, Appliance Installers, Architects and Planning, Audio/Visual, Awnings and Canopies. Commercial and industrial hard to find circuit breakers, Routine Commercial Maintenance, Control Panels, custom electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, Driveway Heaters, walkway heaters, handicap ramp heaters, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Parts, Electric Heaters, electrical metering and monitoring and facility electronics, Electrical Supplies, Exhaust Fans  Contractors Resources and Contractors Network Services.  Ask us about motors, motor controls, motor starters and ways to save energy. Commercial and Industrial guard posts, bollards, and Gatehouse shelters.  Apartment and Business Complex Maintenance, Public Facility Maintenance Doors-Exterior, Doors, Overhead doors, Driveway. Drywall,  spackle, patchwork, Electric Heater, Electrical Outlets, Electrical Protection, Electric Service Upgrade, Electrical Supplies, Electrical Installations, Emergency Lighting, Energy Saving, green property, green roof, green building materials, Exit Sign, Fascia & Soffit, Fence, Gates, Fences, Fiber Optics, Fire Alarm systems, Fire Escapes, Fire Restorations, Fireproofing, Fire Protection Systems, Fire Sprinklers, Fireplaces, raised hearth, flagstone hearth, tile hearth, fire brick, flue lining. Flooring and Carpet, Garage, General Contractors, Generator - Emergency Power, Glasswork, Gutters, Gutter Work, Greenhouses, Handicap Ramps and Equipment. High pressure sodium, metal halide, compact fluorescent lamps, pop corn ceilings, concrete foundation, footing, perk testing, plywood, Hardwood Flooring, Heater, furnace, Heating and HVAC, Home Improvement, Historical Restoration, Home Inspection, Home Theaters, Insulation, Insulating your property, Iron Work/Welding, Kitchen, kitchen, Planning, Landscape, lawn, Landscaping, Landscape Lighting, excavation, Light Bulbs, Lighting, Lighting Restoration, Log Homes, Lumber and Millwork.
 Building Restoration and exterior maintenance work. Caulking repairs, water-tight seal, closing joints, waterproofing, general repairs, labor workers and contractors, Stucco, concrete waterproofing, facial restoration, concrete repairs, brick repairs, caulking contractors, stucco installers, synthetic stucco, building maintenance. Foundation waterproofing, masonry restoration, joint sealers, leakage, deck coating, decks, scaffolding, home improvements, penetrating sealers, painting, structural repairs, inspections, below grade waterproofing, tuck pointing, Weather-stripping Contractors, cracks around basement windows, clogged gutters.
Able and Ready to Serve, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia PA and suburbs.
Norristown PA, Work done Right Complete and On Time - 19401 by Contractors Solutions and Able Group Inc. Bathtubs, drain system, drain-waste-overflow assembly. Many bathtubs let you divert water from the tub to a showerhead with the flip of a lever. Tub and shower faucets come in the same basic designs as sink faucets. When tub-shower faucets and diverter valves are set inside wall cavities, removing them might require a deep-set ratchet wrench. A single-handle tub and shower faucet has one valve that controls both the water flow and the temperature. The water flow is directed to either the tub spout or the shower head by a gate diverter. Gate diverters seldom need repair, although occasionally the lever may break, come loose, or refuse to stay up. If a diverter fails, replace the tub spout. Single-handle faucets may feature ball, cartridge, or disc designs. A standard toilet is a simple device, and only minor adjustments are needed to resolve most common problems.
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