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Ceilings - Repairs, Replacements, Change or New.  
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Footings for your Addition.   Underground trenching for utilities.

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For a full depth Basement, Footing or a new crawl space for a
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For a new deck or patio or any type of  foundation. Backhoe at the best price for concrete footings, trenching for paver stones or opening the ground for discovery.  Digging for plumbing pipes, electrical service conduit, concrete foundation walls.  By the hour or by the day - Licensed and insured jobs on the side.  We work along with you or we can do the entire job - contract or sub contract. Footings, Foundations and Steel.  Landscape or Lawnscape.

Most houses are built on shallow foundations which are typically called spread footings. Concrete (spread) footings serve two main purposes. First they help “spread” out the load from the structure above. Secondly they create a level stable surface to begin building the foundation above on. Depending on the type of soils that your new house will sit on the concrete footings will vary in width and depth. Every type of soil has an allowable load that it can take without settling and causing movement in your house.

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Underground cable installation, underground conduit runs and power distribution. Utility company know-how for location, and fault detection and repair, electrical components that address almost all underground fault repairs, splicing or new cable installation, response team that will take repair action when you call.

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So the width of the footing is determined in order to reduce the pressure on the soil such that it’s below the safe load for the soil. Here’s an example to make it easier to understand. Let’s say a house has a total load of 100 pounds. And let’s say that house is sitting on a footing that is 1 foot wide. The total pressure on the soil would be 100 pounds per square foot. Now let’s take the same 100 pound house and put it on a footing that is 2 feet wide, now the pressure is 50 pounds per square foot. So by simply adjusting the width of the footing we can reduce the pressure exerted on the soil.

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Cable tracing is an essential step towards locating your cable fault. Over the years I have seen many "fault locators" waste valuable time trying to locate underground electric cable faults and not being able to do so, only because they did not trace the cable properly - or at all. If you don't know where the cable is, how can you expect to accurately troubleshoot the circuit? Trace your circuit - FIRST! Unless the cable fault that you are looking for jumps right out of the ground where you can see it - you need to trace your cable path, and mark your cable path, before you begin troubleshooting the circuit with other equipment. This is accomplished with an underground cable locator, specifically designed for electrical cables.
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